Spirituality in an Evolving Consciousness

Since the time of our foundation, our Brigidine spirituality has been evolving and adapting to new insights into Scripture, theology, the expansion of knowledge and from our experiences in ministry. We hold in reverence the diverse emphases on different experiences of spirituality among us.

In our time, we are being called by the Spirit to embrace a new understanding of the interconnectedness of life and the sacredness of all of creation. It is a time of expanding consciousness that invites us to be creators of a future of hope (Council of the Congregation 2003).

We recognise that spirituality shapes and moves us, impelling us to action, evoking a heart for justice and compassion. It calls forth right relationships with the one sacred community of life. In 2003 at the Council of the Congregation, Brigidine spirituality was described in the words of O’Murchu as “an innate wisdom of the human heart that enlivens a zest for life, a search for meaning and purpose, a love for all that is good and beautiful, a passion to create a better world, a sensitivity to the life energy that permeates the entire cosmos….we are co-creators with a creative God.” (D. O’Murchu, Our World in Transition)

As we move into a more contemplative phase of our lives we find ourselves continuing to journey more deeply into an awareness of the challenges that this understanding of spirituality presents.