Share the Good That’s Come Your Way

The Gospel Reading for the 26th Sunday Year C in Ordinary Time is taken from Luke 16:19 – 31. The story Luke has Jesus calling the Pharisees and us to review the pattern of our lives, especially how we consider and use our possessions and the ‘wealth’ of gifts we’ve received in life.

If Jesus was telling this story for our society today, who might he cast in the role of the ‘poor man called Lazarus”?  Who might be cast in the role  of “the rich man”?

With which characters in the story do you identify ? The rich man dressed in purple, Lazarus, the angels carrying the poor man, Abraham saying “Listen to the prophets” or another character?

What ‘riches’ do you have to share? Is it time to embrace a spirituality of ‘enough’ and let go gracefully and intentionally of some of what has been accumulated over time?

The following reflection by Veronica Lawson RSM is offered for prayer and reflection in the coming week:

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