Celebrating Our Heritage

Since the beginnings of time as we know it, all of creation has been evolving and unfolding and as each season turns, a new threshold moment is revealed. At this moment in history, we have a growing realisation of our place as humans within the larger story of the universe.

As we respond to this invitation to expand our spiritual understanding and face the challenges of this unique time, we strive to live more contemplatively and seek to embrace and share our experiences of the living God.

Our world has never been more in need of wise and informed guidance and of nurturers of life and faith. Returning to roots of Christian faith in the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the inspiration of St. Brigid of Kildare, we ponder responses to ever new questions.

As we honour and strive to keep alive the legacy of Brigid we celebrate her wisdom and her ways of reminding people of the interconnection of all in the community of life. We turn to Brigid, Earth woman, lover of nature and woman of compassion to guide us.

May we celebrate the heritage she has entrusted to us!

As we reflect on our planet we see the seeming stability of society and nature being changed for all of us.

Our world has never been more in need of wise and informed guidance, of the ability to discern the safe, the allowable and the dangerous, and perhaps most importantly of all, of the ability to be nurturers of one other and our environment. As we celebrate St. Brigid’s Day may our world find ways to bring the inheritance of Brigid’s wisdom, discernment and nurture to the universe and come to the realisation that the interconnectedness of all nature is integral to wholeness and communion.

The seeds of a changed consciousness are in the present and we must nurture these. We turn to Brigid, Earthwoman and Lover of Nature to guide us.

May we celebrate the heritage she entrusted to us!