Our Directions

Resources Into The Future

And my God shall supply all your needs… Phil 4:18

As Brigidines we are called by our vow of poverty to a radical reverence and a deep sense that everything is gift. The primary purpose of our resources is to enable us to carry out our Brigidine mission. Our calling is to a contemplative awareness of God’s creation, (Constitutions p.15 Art 7 and 2011 Congregational Report p. 4) and our need to live simply and sustainably so that the whole community of life may flourish.

We acknowledge with gratitude the ways in which our sisters have managed our property and finances over the years. We are conscious of our responsibility to continue to be wise stewards of this inheritance. We also acknowledge with gratitude the generosity of our benefactors.

The future use of our resources will be underpinned by the values of generosity, equity, compassion and justice. A Congregational Resources Task Group will provide an ongoing overview of resources to analyse trends, facilitate future planning and to ensure that adequate finance is available in the Communities for the care of sisters, their on-going formation, education and for Brigidine ministries.

Let us not be held captive to a narrow theology of scarcity but open the flood of Divine Generosity: Let it pour out through us, embracing every woman and man, every particle of this wondrous creation that is our heritage, responsibility and glory.
Basil Pennington