“Jesus remember me…”

As we come to the last Sunday of Year C in Ordinary time, the Gospel for the weekend’s liturgy is taken from Luke 23:25 – 43. It is a short reading yet one full of shifts and key moments. The scene opens with Jesus nailed to a cross with the leaders watching and jeering at him and the soldiers mocking him.

As the focus changes, we hear from the two criminals crucified alongside Jesus. One see this as an opportunity to add his own words that taunt, while the other calls a stop to these taunts and asks Jesus to remember him when he comes into his kingdom, into the reign of God.

Jesus’ response is one that we each long to hear, especially when we go through times of challenge, persecution, bullying or testing. Let us make time this week to reflect on these words of comfort and also of challenge.

Let us pray for those facing death at this time because of discrimination, exploitation or abuse. We remember especially the people displaced and imprisoned without recourse to justice – stateless people, asylum seekers, journalists and speakers of the truth, and homosexual men and women in some countries.
O God of peace and justice, may Your reign truly come on Earth, for all people and all living beings.

The following reflection by Veronica Lawson RSM is offered here to enrich your prayer and reflection in the coming week:


It first appeared at: https://www.mercyworld.org/