Awareness & Action for Refugees

Imagine being in lockdown or isolation for 3,4,5 or more years with no idea when the period of your detention will end!

As we and all our communities grapples with the health, safety and economic crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, we must not forget that refugees, people seeking asylum in our countries and those held offshore, are struggling with the injustices, insecurity, isolation and cruelty of current policies.

Palm Sunday is traditionally a time to call for justice and peace. This is a call for justice for refugees and people seeking our protection. It is time for us to speak up for justice, and for a safer future for all – especially for those who are most vulnerable in our world.

You are invited to read the following information circulated by our Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP). On Palm Sunday (Passion Sunday) join in praying and taking action for refugees.

To learn more about the work of BASP and the resources and support they need to continue their work of justice go to: