Last Will Be First and First, Last

On 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A the Gospel is from Matthew 20:1 – 16. It is another of Jesus’ ‘tricky parables’.

As with all parables, there are different ways of understanding the meaning of this one. What does it mean for you? Is it inviting you to consider the equality of all persons or to reflect on the harm envy can bring to relationships? Do Jesus’ words challenge a worldview that views someone’s worth on their economic production or on the amount of work/ministry they do? Perhaps it gives an opportunity to think about what is a fair wage today for work done?

As we go about our daily tasks in the coming week, let’s remember the workers standing idle at this time because they’ve lost their jobs or are among the millions of migrants and refugees sitting idle in refugee camps or detention, denied the right to work. Let’s remember also the millions of workers trafficked, exploited and denied a just wage in fields, factories and ‘other vineyards’ today.

This week let’s make an effort to be grateful rather than grumbling about life!

The following thoughts by Veronica Lawson RSM and Claude Mostowik MSC are offered to help break open the Gospel this week and help us tune into God’s invitation.