16 Days Campaign Against Gender-based Violence

During the final days of this UN 16 Days Campaign, we are invited to be in solidarity with the following people and spend a few moments each day remembering them and praying for them:

DEC 8 Let us remember women in politics, religion, education, civil society and healthcare working to eliminate all forms of human trafficking and violence

DEC 9 Let us remember women and men who educate others in their homes, schools and the wider community to bring an end to the violence of human trafficking

DEC 10 HUMAN RIGHTS DAY Let us remember young girls at risk of being trafficked after fleeing conflict or natural disasters in their countries.

Thank you to all who have joined the Brigidine Sisters during this 16 Days Campaign.

Let us continue to work together and support each other in overcoming all forms of violence, especially the violence against women and girls that is part of trafficking and exploitation.