1st Sunday of Lent 2021

Listening to and reflecting on God’s word is a key feature of the Season of Lent. In the Gospel on this first weekend of Lent we are invited to reflect on the many invitations in Mark 1:12 – 15. Mark presents an account of Jesus being driven into a wilderness and staying there for forty days.

What is your personal experience of ‘the wilderness’ this Lent? Who  else are you aware of who’ve been driven into ‘a wilderness’?

Many people feel they are living in a ‘wilderness’ – an isolation brought about by the pandemic. Others may be experiencing temptations to give up, to lose hope or to give way to impatience or resentment. Some are living in a desert of grief since suffering a separation or the loss of a loved one. Millions of refugees, asylum seekers and trafficked people today have been driven into ‘a wilderness’ by persecution, displacement, the threat of violence and abandonment.

In his ‘wilderness time’, Jesus held onto and was sustained by a deep sense of God’s loving care.

Make time this week to sense God’s ongoing care for us and for all of creation – “The kingdom of God is close at hand.”  Let’s pray especially for those who truly need angels of God’s compassion to support them now. What action by us might this call for to help bring compassion to others?

The following words by Veronica Lawson RSM are offered here to enrich our prayer, reflection and action during Lent: