2022 Lenten Journey of Preparation

The season of Lent seems somewhat different this year. Many are emerging from the frightening grip of the Covid-19 pandemic which locked down our care-centres, schools, homes and churches for months and kept people apart from loved ones. Presently our world is witnessing the threat and horror of war particularly in Ukraine.

Let’s make the most of these six weeks to take some time out to reflect deeply on the Gospels and on God’s call to live each day with compassion and love.

We pray: In this time of ashes and dust, be our strength O God.

In this time of stones not bread, be our wisdom O God.

In this time of waiting and wilderness, be our guide O God.

In this time of prayer and preparation, be our lead O God.

Renew all in Your love and lead us to life . Amen.

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