21 September: International Day of Peace

The founder of our Brigidine Congregation, Bishop Daniel Delany is remembered saying: “Love God and live together in peace and charity.”

Jesus is remembered telling his disciples: “Whatever house you enter, first say ‘Peace be to this house!’ If a person of peace is there, your peace shall rest on him/her; but if not it shall return to you.” (Like 10:5-6)

Pope Francis says: “Bringing peace is central to the mission of Christ’s disciples. That peace is offered to all those men and women who long for peace amid the tragedies and violence that mark human history. The ‘house’ of which Jesus speaks is every family, community, country and continent, in all their diversity and history. It is first and foremost each individual person, without distinction or discrimination. But it is also our ‘common home’: the world in which God has placed us and which we are called to care for and cultivate.”

We mark the International Day of Peace by spreading compassion, kindness and hope  and standing together against all forms of discrimination or hatred.

Brigid of Kildare, Woman of Peace, help us shape peace together in our homes and our world!