2nd Sunday in Easter, Year C

The reading this weekend from the Gospel of John (20:19-31) is proclaimed on the second Sunday of Easter in each of the three Sunday Lectionary cycles. This surely alerts us to the significance of the encounters with the resurrected Jesus described in the reading. It contains two scenes: Jesus’ appearance to his disciples after his Resurrection and Jesus’ dialogue with Thomas, the disciple who doubted.

As we hear again the reading in this season of Easter and reflect on it in the coming week, may we be open to God’s blessings of forgiveness and peace.

Like Thomas and the other disciples, may we truly come to know that the Risen One is present with us bringing healing and deeper faith.

“Jesus, Risen Lord, help us believe even when we do not recognize You at work in us and in the world.”

The following reflection prepared by Veronica Lawson RSM was first published at  https://www.mercyworld.org.   It  is offered here as a resource for prayer and reflection in the coming week: