3rd Sunday Ordinary Time: Year B

In the Gospel reading for this weekend from Mark 1:14 – 20, Mark anounces a sense of urgency within Jesus’ mission. “The time has come… the kingdom of God is close…repent and believe.”  We are immediately called and invited into this reality as are the first disciples.

Even as we share the concerns of our world  – the impacts of climate change and the pandemic, current political struggles, the millions of people displaced, exploited and abused and the death of our loved Sisters, let’s continue to believe in the good news of Jesus and the hope he offers for a better world for all.

The following thoughts by Veronica Lawson RSM are offered to enrich prayer and reflection in the coming week: https://www.mercyworld.org/reflection-on-the-gospel-3b-vl-240121.pdf

Here is a musical reflection with which to sit quietly as you pray: