4 July – US Independence Day

As our Brigidine Sisters and associates living in the USA mark American Independence Day on 4 July we wish them a happy and safe national day. We give thanks for your lives of loving service, prayer and prophetic advocacy particularly during current health, economic and political challenges.

The following prayer offered in the US Congress by Chaplain Edward G. Latch, DD in 1974 contains some of our prayers and wishes for you and the citizens of USA on this day:

“Eternal God, stir our minds and stimulate our hearts with a high sense of patriotism on this Fourth of July. May all that this day symbolizes renew our faith in freedom, our devotion to democracy, and redouble our efforts to keep a government of the people, by the people, and for the people truly alive in our world.

Grant that we may highly resolve on this great day to dedicate ourselves anew to the task of ushering in an era when goodwill shall live in the hearts of a free people, justice shall be the light to guide their feet, and peace shall be the goal of humankind: to the glory of your holy name and the good of our Nation and of all mankind. Amen”.