Christmas Greetings

Since the beginning of time, our Universe has been evolving and unfolding in one great act of coming to birth. At Christmas we celebrate a most significant birth – that of Jesus, son of Mary, Emmanuel, God-with-us.

In him, the Divine Energy of the God of love has been shown in a unique and mysterious way.

With all of creation we celebrate this holy day and wish our associates, families, friends and colleagues a very happy Christmas.

Our prayer this Christmas is:
Emmanuel come be with us.
Come as the gift of life at the very heart of creation.
Come as the gift of peace soothing all conflicts and reconciling differences.
Come as the gift of love opening hearts and dispelling every prejudice.
Come as the gift of hope sustaining us in the midst of  any fears and doubts.
Come Emmanuel and release in us a deeper sense of responsibility for our Earth and for all beings.

May this Christmas be a time of blessing for all!