4th October – A Triple Celebration

The Gospel reading for this weekend of triple celebrations is from Matthew 21:33 – 43. It is another of Jesus’ very challenging parables. As we reflect on this and other gospel texts that take slavery for granted, let’s recommit ourselves to eliminating all exercise of power over others or over any “vineyard” entrusted to our care.

In what ways might you take such action?

  • By reviewing your use of power in personal and community relationships?
  • By supporting a group in your community that’s working to overcome modern slavery?
  • By attending to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor?
  • By purchasing tea, coffee, chocolate and clothing that have no slavery in their production chains?
  • By advocating with civic and church leaders to speak up and take action against all forms of modern slavery that still exists in factories, hospitality or agriculture?

The following reflection by Veronica Lawson rsm is offered to enrich our prayer and enable us to find ways of responding to this word of God in our lives.


Brigid of Kildare, our patroness and woman of justice inspire us to live this word of God wherever we are.