4th Sunday, Ordinary Time Year A

The readings this weekend from Deuteronomy (18:15 – 20) and Mark’s Gospel (1:21 – 28) focus on how the actions and words of  both the prophets of old and of Jesus had a certain power because they were authentically integrated.

As we reflect on the call to the first followers of Jesus and to us today let us consider ways in which our words and actions are grounded in the ordinary struggles of life.

Let’s open ourselves to God’s power at work in the prophets, teachers and healers of our time who speak up against destructive forces and call our ‘evil’.

The following text from Veronica Lawson RSM is offered to enrich our prayer and ministry in the coming week: https://www.mercyworld.org/reflection-on-the-gospel-4b-vl-310121.pdf

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