Happy Solstice!

As the Winter Solstice approaches in the Northern  Hemisphere, the changes all around are clear – the days have grown shorter, hours of darkness are extended, the weather is cold, the trees have become bare, and in some places snow is on the ground.

In the Southern Hemisphere, each day brings more hours of light and sunshine, the temperatures are warming and in some places are the hottest on record and the landscape is becoming burnt off and dry.

For all of us this is a time of wonder and reflection as we tune into the changing seasons and deepen our consciousness of the interconnectedness of all of life. Wherever we are at this Solstice time, we make time to pause and consider the amazing ebb and flow of all creation as we pray:

Divine Mystery, Ground of Being, You are the Divine Energy within all that is. You are at the heart of this Solstice time, beckoning us forward. Through our awareness of Your presence in every changing season, may we become more conscious of the mysterious gift of life, of our tiny place in it all and our role as co-creators with You. May the choices we make each day reflect this awareness and allow Your light and love to be expressed everywhere and for all. Amen.

On the evening of December 21 the Solas Bhride Team will lead a Reflective Ritual at the Solas Bhride Centre in Kildare, to celebrate the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

Brigidine Convent Grounds, Tullow on a Winter Solstice Morning