A Brigidine Sister Marks ANZAC Day in Nairobi

News of ANZAC Day celebrations in Nairobi, Kenya has been received from Brigidine Sister Loretta Brennan CSB. She was one of the contributors to the celebrations through her gift of song. On the occasion  Loretta was accompanied by pianist, Innocent Olise, one of the  Kiltegan seminarians.

According to Loretta, “This was a moving celebration and the High Commission always finds new information about Aussies who died in East Africa in either the first or second World Wars.  The role of service personnel from New Zealand was also acknowledged with gratitude.”

The celebrations take place every year at the Nairobi War Cemetery. This year the organizer Bobby Sura invited Loretta to sing during the ceremony. Members of the Wanawake Kwa Wanawake Children’s Choir were also involved in the ceremonies.

To read a copy of the Order of Service marking Anzac Day in Nairobi, Kenya go to:

ANZAC DAY 2019 Program_REVA