A “Pandemic” of Vocations

Sarah MacDonald recently wrote in The Tablet about the need for future pastoral leaders in our Church which raises questions and opportunities that were not foreseen in past eras. For a number of decades Catholics presumed there would be sufficient priests to serve God’s people, to gather with them to hear the word of God and celebrate Eucharist together.

Now however, with the ageing of current ordained ministers (particularly in the First World) and fewer celibate men coming forward for ordination, a crisis of leadership has emerged and needs to be addressed.

To what might the Spirit be calling us now and for the future? What new opportunities are being offered? How will we truly remain communities of “salt” and “light” for our world?

What are some of the possible pastoral responses called for at this time – locally and globally? What changes need to be considered for the good of the world and all?

The following thoughts are worth reading and discussing with others in our families, communities and local parishes and continuing to pray about in open and honest ways: