ACRATH Annual Report for 2020

Brigidine Sister Louise Cleary csb, is the current President of ACRATH. At the ACRATH AGM on 24 February 2021she released the Annual Report for 2020. Key themes in the Report include:

  • ACRATH’s Vision, Purpose and Values
  • COVID-19 and Trafficking Internationally
  • COVID-19 and Trafficking in Australia
  • ACRATH’s International Connections
  • Inspiration for ACRATH’s Continued Work
  • Reporting on ACRATH’s Goals 2020-2022
  • Going Forward … With Hope and With Thanks

Threaded through this report Louise drew upon the words of wisdom and stories of others who share our passion for the mission of eliminating human trafficking and slavery  in Australia and globally.

Gratitude was expressed to each supporter and every member of ACRATH who bring a range of gifts and a passion for justice to our mission. There are myriad ways in which together we serve the mission of bringing hope and freedom to people who have been trafficked and enslaved.

Download a copy of the ACRATH Annual Report here.

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