Brigidines recognise with gratitude the ongoing leadership,  resourcefulness,  outreach and advocacy at the heart of  ACRATH ‘s mission  to eliminate human trafficking and the harm it causes.


For many years, annual advocacy visits to Parliament (Canberra) have been part of the fabric of ACRATH’s work – and campaigning for the establishment of a Commonwealth Anti-Slavery Commissioner role has been high on the agenda!




‘On 28 May 2024 the Australian Parliament passed the Modern Slavery Amendment (Australian Anti-Slavery Commissioner) Bill 2023 to enable the establishment of Australia’s first federal Anti-Slavery Commissioner.  The Commissioner role will include engaging with and supporting victims and survivors of modern slavery and supporting business to address risks of modern slavery practices in their operations and supply chains. ‘
– ACRATH website.





READ:  The Attorney General’s media release here:  Australian Government establishes Anti Slavery Commissioner


With ACRATH, we hope that the appointment of a Federal Anti-Slavery Commissioner will  significantly contribute to the fight against modern slavery in Australia.


Good news, ACRATH!


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” We’ll do anything we can to get things as cheaply as we can.  
For that to happen, someone has to be exploited.”
– Colleen Jackson RSC  (ACRATH)
“TODAY, and every day, we ask you to reflect on and act against human trafficking.”    (ACRATH)


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“…we are called to listen and respond to the cry of all life pleading,
‘Am I not your neighbour?’ ”   
Invitation and Call, Congregational Forum 2022




* Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans