Advent: Preparing to Celebrate Christ’s Birth

We are once again beginning our Advent journey – a time when we reflect on the themes of Hope, Waiting and Expectancy. This is a time for us to slow down and reflect on what really matters. It is a time for us to try and inject some hope into situations where people find themselves without hope. As we watch our television screens, read the papers and see the many appeals for help come through the letter box we need to be mindful, that there are many who wait expectantly, for the news that they might just be lucky enough to get the keys of their own home.

During these weeks, we will have an opportunity to contribute to the different appeals for help and we are assured that even the smallest contribution helps to alleviate some suffering. The Christmas Story, with which we are so familiar, is being re-enacted hourly and daily in our towns and cities.

The following few suggested resources are offered to enrich prayer, reflection and action during Advent:

Advent Resources

Advent and Christmas 2018