All Saints Day

This is the time each year when the Christian Community around the world celebrates every saint, known and unknown, on one single day. On this day we remember those who have gone before us, those who have lived a full and loving life and who walked in the ways of God. These are the ones who continue to inspire us to embrace the constant call of God. Let us remember them and each other as we celebrate this day.

God of everlasting life, we thank you for those who have gone before us marked with a sign of faith. We remember the ones we have known and loved and those many who continue to inspire us.

In the morning of each dawning day, WE REMEMBER THEM.

On birthdays, celebration times with family and friends and on Christian feast days, WE REMEMBER THEM.

Under clear summer skies and times of warm sunshine, WE REMEMBER THEM.

When autumn colours remind us of the mysteries of dying so that life may come again, WE REMEMBER THEM.

During the long, dark days of winter with rain, frosts and snow, WE REMEMBER THEM.

When spring returns and surrounds us with lovely signs of new life, WE REMEMBER THEM. 

When we gather to break bread together in our homes and our churches, WE REMEMBER THEM.

We give thanks for the mysteries of love that continue to unite us with all our ancestors and saints. May their lives and service inspire us to walk gently on Earth, our common home and to trust You at work animating fresh possibilities for life.


                 All holy women and men, pray for us.  

St Brigid of Kildare, our Patroness, pray for us.