Ascension of the Lord

We are all well aware that loss is part of our human experience and that death is usually the most painful loss of all. This year, with the ever-increasing death toll from Covid-19, we are even more conscious of loss as a global reality.

The readings for this feast in Year A are taken from Acts 1;1-11 and Matthew 28:16-20 and offer many points for reflection. Let’s read and re-read these texts prayerfully aware of God’s presence with us and ponder the invitations they offer as we too are sent on mission in our homes, workplaces and world.

Let’s be aware this week of those grieving the loss of a loved one at this time and those preparing to farewell a significant person in their lives. May God bless us on this day as we remember that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for all.

The following thoughts by Veronica Lawson RSM will enrich our reflection and prayer in the coming week: