Be An Ethical Consumer

As women invited to embrace a spirituality of ‘enough’, Brigidine Sisters recognize a call to consider the impact of the clothes we buy. Next time we plan to make a purchase let’s stop and ask:

1 What’s my reason for buying this garment? Is it something I need? How often am I likely to wear it?

2  What’s the human impact of my purchase? Consider who picked the cotton or produced the fabric and under what conditions and practices this item was made?

3  What’s the environmental impact of this purchase? Where and how was the fabric grown or produced? What have been any impacts on water usage, land degradation, chemical use?

4  What will I do with the garment once its worn out or no longer fits? Will it be suitable to be repaired, repurposed or recycled?

We can all make a difference! We can all become more ethical consumers!