Biological Diversity Day

Since 2000, May 22 has been celebrated by the United  United Nations as the International Day of Biological Diversity, to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues across our planet.                            Biological Diversity Day3


This year’s celebration takes on the additional theme of Mainstreaming biodiversity: Sustaining People and their livelihoods, stressing the need for us to see biodiversity as the foundation for life and for the essential services provided by ecosystems.

Biodiversity therefore, underpins peoples’ livelihoods and sustainable development in all areas of human activity, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism.

By working to stop biodiversity loss, we are investing in people, their lives and their well- being. For further information about local celebrations, ideas and projects try this website:

Everything that grows on earth … Springs of water… Sea beasts and everything that lives in water… Birds of heaven …. Animals wild and tame… All bless the Lord! (Daniel 3: 76 – 81)