Blessing for a New Year

Spirit of Life, bless us as we enter this new time, and as we bless one another in peace. In this time of hope we wish to affirm life for all. We commit ourselves again to bring your hope of freedom to all who suffer despair. Fill us with a thirst for justice and teach us to move beyond reliance on empty promises and false hopes. Spirit of Life, renew our vision of a different possibility, a different world.

Open the eyes of those who are fed to the cries of the hungry. Move the hearts of those who are whole to offer healing to those who suffer.

Help us to care for your presence in the sap-filled plants, in the soaring birds, in the murmuring ocean, in the gurgling streams with their families of fish, and in our own hearts, often broken, sometimes healed.

Spirit of Life, renew our dreams. Help us to attend t your voice and to know your call amid all the others. Repair our dreams for the future when they have become ragged. Amen.

(Adapted from Hildegarde of Bingen)