Brigid: A Woman, A Life, A Legacy

Kildare Town and Solas Bhríde Centre welcome residents, visitors, pilgrims and guest speakers to the annual week-long festival in honour of Brigid: A Woman, A Life, A Legacy.
This year is particularly special as the 1500 year legacy of Brigid is being honoured and celebrated.
The 31st annual Féile Bríde begins in Kildare Town, with a candlelight pilgrimage at the dawn of springtime, on 31st January 2024.



“Pilgrimage is a gentle invitation to spend time in reflection,  to slow the pace and feed the spirit.”  Rita Minehan: Rekindling the Flame 

Pilgrimage on St Brigid Eve



Féile Bríde
offers a series of events, that focus on the life and inspiration of St Brigid, through dance, music, poetry, walks, talks, crafts, meditation, and discussion.
Connect with the series of events here:  Feile Bride 2024 – Kildare Town, Co. Kildare PDF
or go to Solas Bhride’s website:  Feile Bride 2024

During the Festival some Online events are also available:


TUESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY: Meditation – A Gift of quiet at the dawn of Springtime at 10.30am. Register   here

WEDNESDAY 7TH FEBRUARY: Reflection on ‘St Brigid: Woman of boundless Heart, Faith, Courage & Love’ at 7.30pm  Register  here

THURSDAY 8TH FEBRUARY: Annual Celtic Lecture – ‘The Secrets of St Brigid 7.30pm. Register here



On February 1st, the Kildare churches will celebrate Brigid 1500 together – including Pause for Peace – in the Cathedral:
Brigid 1500 Service to be Celebrated by Churches Together

The Event will be live-streamed – Feb 1st 11.00 am (IST):



Pause for Peace on St Brigid’s Day:


The global Pause for Peace Movement was launched in Kildare in 2023 to mark Ireland’s new national holiday in honour of St. Brigid.   As the movement gains momentum, the  people of Kildare again call on  people across the world to pause for 1 minute ‘s silence at 12.00 noon on 1st February 2024.

Pause for Peace on St Brigid’s Day





Coming Home:

Coming Home: On Sunday 28th January, Bishop Denis Nulty will celebrate Eucharist in St Brigid’s Church and, with the people of Kildare, will symbolically celebrate  “Brigid coming home.”  A procession from Solas Bhride to the Church will bear a Brigid relic – as the Kildare community acknowledges the spirit of the ancient Brigid Story and aspires to live Brigid’s spirit of compassion, justice and peace in our world today.




We acknowledge the inspiration and the enabling presence of the Solas Bhride Team and wish all participants well during the coming festival.
May Brigid’s  Flame light our way to justice and may “peace on us descend.”


Feile Bride 2024 Launch

Solas Bhride website



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“The vision of the Solas Bhríde Centre  is to
welcome all to know and be inspired by Saint Brigid whose legacy is ever more relevant for our world today.”  – Solas Bhride.