Brigid Artwork by Doris Klein

The Congregational Leadership Team commissioned artist Doris Klein, CSA from USA to paint this image of Brigid of Kildare. Accompanying the painting from Doris was the following:
“This image reflects a dynamic, contemporary presence of Brigid and the cloak she stretches today. The ground she once covered with her cloak claimed the land on which she would build her abbey. The paintings suggests that the cloak is now much more expansive, holding in its embrace the much larger “abbey” of the cosmos and the hearts of all people.
Water, earth, wind and fire are held sacred as her arms extend wide from her spacious heart inviting all people into the Grace of her compassionate presence.
The face of Brigid is intentionally unpainted, reminding each of us of our call to continue her presence today as we care for Earth and are peacemakers in our world.”

D Klein 2