Brigidine Interviewed in UK Re Labour Trafficking

In a recent interview, Brigidine Sister, Patricia Mulhall, who has worked in anti-trafficking since 2005, with the Medaille Trust, TRACuk and RENATE in Europe said: “I welcome the exposure of labour trafficking that is getting an airing on the longest-running radio story ‘The Archers’ with an audience of some five million listeners. The scourge of labour trafficking, where millions are exploited for profit, is a growing global crime against humanity. It carries substantial risks for companies, yet all the while it is taking place in our local and national communities. It needs to be exposed for what it is – a violation of the dignity of the human person, reducing human persons to mere merchandise to be bought and sold.” (Independent Catholic News UK)

To read more about this good news story of awareness raising through the radio story ‘The Archers’ go to:

Patricia Mulhall CSB and Imelda Poole IBVM meeting with Pope Francis