Brigidine Spirituality

During the pandemic, moments of joy have a way of highlighting that positives do emerge in difficult times.  We had such a moment recently when two Year 12 students from St Brigid’s College, Horsham were received into the Church at a parish Mass. They were supported by forty of their companions, teachers, family, friends and parishioners who all mingled afterwards in the excitement.

I then recalled that in our small Brigidine Gatherings at Pax Christi, our Victorian prayer- holiday house in Mornington in the 70s, we learnt the significance of counting our community blessings rather than dwelling on our disappointments and high expectations.

I then reflected on  where are we today at the same time as I was asked to reconnect with St Brigid’s College community by their new Principal.

The poem below again follows the path of choosing life as we continue this theme in preparation for our next Brigidine International  Gathering. May it be a blessing to us!

Brigidine Spirituality

recognises the Gifts

we have been given in God’s Love,

even in times of Grieving and Loss.

We already have an Amazing Story…

A Long Heritage of

Companionship and Care,

Risk and Mission,

Knowledge and Compassion,

Kindliness and Strength,

Hospitality and Sharing,

Celebration and Music,

Creativity and Love

and sometimes,

Words spoken, if necessary,

within the Diversity and Beauty

of Communities…

and our Planet.

Walking together

In Harmony and Thanksgiving

we still Listen and Learn

from the Stranger…

planting Acorns  for

the Freedom of

the Oppressed

within the Whole Cosmos.

Choose Life!                                              Jacinta Rice CSB, 21/6/21