Brigidines Seeking Ecological Justice

The outcome from the Pacific Islands Forum held in Tuvalu last week has disappointed many. In particular, Brigidine Sisters, called at the 2016 Congregational Forum to become more deeply aware of our mission to live within the one web of life: our common home” and to hear “the groans of ecological and human exploitation that lead to destruction and annihilation”  are distressed by the role Australia played in scuttling the hopes of many of the threatened Pacific Island nations. These peoples called for a commitment to stronger action and support to ensure the reduction of carbon emissions yet Australia favoured supporting its coal industry over the survival of Pacific nations.

In light of these ongoing challenges and our Congregational commitment to Pacific Calling Partnership, let us continue our advocacy for greater ecological and social justice wherever we are around the world, and hold in our prayer our Sister, Mother Earth, her beautiful oceans and the peoples of a number of the Pacific Islands facing annihilation due to rising sea level.

To read Pacific Calling Partnerships media release on these issues click on the following link: