Buy Slavery Free Easter Chocolate and Be A Good Egg

Buying slavery-free chocolate at Easter gives us an opportunity to take action against human trafficking and slavery for we know that some children working in some of the cocoa farms in West Africa are trafficked and that many others work in dangerous conditions for little or no wages and are often deprived of any opportunity to attend school.

By buying chocolate with one of the three slavery-free labels (FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ) you can be sure that the cocoa beans used in the chocolate’s production have been sourced ethically, from farmers who engage in good labour practices.

The 20216 Brigidine Congregational Forum, called Brigidine Sisters to commit “to the purchase of Fair Trade and other products which promote social and environmental wellbeing.”  Since then slavery-free supply chains are becoming a major issue within the Church and in the wider business community, not just at Easter.

May we be ready to ensure that the tea, coffee and chocolate we purchase for our homes and our places of ministry or as gifts, are ethically sourced!