Celebrate Easter – Christ is Risen

Brigidine Sisters wish everyone a happy Easter: days filled with renewed hope and joy. At this time in our fractured world and church, may we have eyes to see the transforming presence of the God of Life always at work, animating fresh possibilities in unexpected places and ways.

Risen Christ, when times of darkness overwhelm us, may your dawn beckon us on. 

When we are paralysed by anxiety, may your fidelity release us.

When we are filled with grief, may your peace enfold us.

When old regrets haunt us, may your freedom heal us.

When injustice saddens and frustrates us, may your anger and passion ignite us.

When indifference stagnates in us, may your invitation to compassion renew us.

When fear and hopelessness grip us, may your trust and hope restore us.

And when death visits us, our family, friends and communities, may your promise of new life comfort and lead us.