Climate Change: Those least responsible, suffer the most…


We live in times when extreme temperatures, ‘abnormal’ storms, cyclones, floods, diseases and ‘natural disasters’ are repeatedly reminding us about the irreparable damage happening to Earth, our common home.

World Environment Day, 5th June, is celebrated each year – providing  hope and encouragement to all of us to ponder how we might live and act for the protection of the environment and Earth’s well being.

Through its 2023 Theme, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution,’  World Environment Day  challenges the production and use of plastic:   Our Planet is choking


We are called  “to respond to the cry of Earth and peoples rendered poor.”  (Invitation & Call, Congregational Forum 2022)


The climate change crisis affects all of us—across every community and every continent, but it is the poorest among us—those who are least responsible for the problem—who suffer the most.

People are being forced from their livelihoods, homes and communities due to climate shocks and persistent climate stress—indigenous peoples being among those at greatest risk of displacement. (Source: Oxfam)


One example is the plight of Pacific Islanders who live with the ongoing threat to livelihood and culture:   Dire Straits – Article-by-Miki-Perkins-Journalist-and-Environment-Reporter.

A current Brigidine Congregational Project involves participation in the inter-congregational Pacific Calling Partnership. This partnership is committed to listening to the voices of Pacific Island peoples in the context in which they live.  The partnership collaborates with and supports Pacific Island peoples’ efforts to lead and be heard.

Pacific Calling Partnership

An additional Read – from Melbourne Age 14 Aug 2023:
  Fighting, not sinking – The Pacific plea for Australian climate action
By Miki Perkins,  a senior journalist and Environment Reporter at The (Melbourne) Age. 



“A faster change of course away from today’s throwaway culture and toward greater care for the common good is necessary to ensure the planet’s liveability for future generations.”  –   Pope Francis,  June 2023