Congratulations Assembly Award Recipients

At the Catholic Health Association US 2019 Assembly in Atlanta, Holly Austin-Gibbs, an advocate for people who’ve been trafficked and Fr Frank Morrisey OMI a canon lawyer who has assisted countless religious congregations, PJPs and healthcare providers around the world were honoured for their work. They were each invited to write a letter to their ‘younger self”.

Holly was awarded the Sr Concilia Moran award for her work on behalf of victims of human trafficking. Her story is one of courage and perserverance and can be viewed below:

Fr Frank was awarded with the Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. His amazing contribution to so many Congregations (including the Brigidine Congregation), Catholic health care systems and new sponsorship models are highlighted in the following video clip:

Brigidine Sisters offer our congratulations to both Holly and Fr Frank and thank them for their service to so many over the years.

(This report first appeared in CHA Weekly – June 2019)