Corpus Christi – Year A

The Founder of our Congregation, Bishop Daniel Delany had great devotion to the Blessed Sacrament which he had imbibed during his time of formation in France. In 1784 he surprised everyone and shocked many when he introduced a public procession through the streets of Tullow, County Carlow on the feast of Corpus Christi.

Today we watch news of crowds of people in many places taking subversive action against racism and other forms of injustice. In Daniel’s time in Ireland, a procession publicly expressing Catholic faith, was seen as a subversive act as no such display had been seen in Tullow for at least a century because of the oppression of the people. Crowds joined the procession from all over the country and this tradition continues in Tullow today.

With awareness of Jesus’ radical gift of himself in the Eucharist, and of our Founder and his values, what subversive action for the Gospel might we be called to take in our time?

The following words by Veronica Lawson RSM will enrich our prayer and reflection about these issues in the coming week: