“Do not be indifferent to humanity’s woes”

At the end of a meeting with UN Secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, in the Vatican, Pope Francis delivered a message, stressing the urgent need to address the emergencies facing the world. After the Pope, Guterres also delivered a message.

Pope Francis is calling on the world not to close its eyes or look the other way in the face of the many woes, pain and wounds afflicting mankind but to unite and work to build a peaceful world, saying  “what really counts in life is love”.

To read these significant statements as 2019 draws to a close and 2020 dawns, click on the following link:


What strikes you most about these statements?

What invitation or call do they offer us as Brigidine women, as we continue  “to hear the groans of ecological and human exploitation that lead to destruction and annihilation”?