Dont We All Have Blind Spots?

This weekend, fewer of us will be able to gather with others to celebrate Eucharist because of different restrictions in place due to the coronavirus.

However, as we make time to read and reflect on the Gospel reading for the Fourth Weekend of Lent 2020 (John 9:1-41), we are once again invited to take part in the experience of the man born blind as he comes to faith in Jesus. We are also called to review our own living and our attitudes.

Isn’t there some blindness in each of us? It might be expressed through our assumptions about others; perhaps it’s clear when we insist on rarely being wrong, or when one or other of our prejudices about people of certain backgrounds or experiences come to light when we speak.

The following words by Veronica Lawson RSM are offered to enrich our reflection, prayer and living in the coming week.