Equinox Day

This is the day on which we celebrate the Spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. At this time we experience an equal balance of light and dark.

Today let’s take the opportunity to reflect on the level of balance we are currently experiencing in our lives.

What is the balance between our inner and outer world?

How are we striving to keep in balance times of activity and times of reflection in our lives?

What’s the balance we endeavour to maintain between anxiety and trust each day?

As we celebrate this equinox day, let’s pray that we may know the depth and width of life’s mysterious patterns that continue to hold us in existence.

May our acknowledgement of this day help us remember the preciousness of each and every atom, that by being right where it needs to be, creates balance and stability leading to wholeness. May we be awed by the balance and beauty in the one sacred unity of it all life.