Excluding Migrants – “A Red Flag” in Society

During a news conference at the Vatican on 27 May to announce the theme  for the 2019 World Day for Migrants and Refugees -“It is not just about migrants” , Pope Francis said:

Being indifferent to or excluding migrants is a sign of a deteriorating morality that will soon spread and risk marginalizing everyone who fails to fit in … “

“Today’s challenge is not just about migrants, but about all of us and about the present and future of the human family.

“Through migrants, refugees and all vulnerable people, the Lord is calling us to conversion, to be set free from exclusivity, indifference and the throw-away culture,and embrace more fully an authentic Christian life, building a world that is more and more in accord with God’s plan.” 

The 2019 Vatican World Day for Migrants and Refugees will be observed on September 29.

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