Fifth Week of Lent

Last week we reflected on Jesus giving sight to the man born blind and our own need to be healed of any blindness which keeps us from truly recognizing God’s gifts  to us each day or which keeps us from seeing the needs of others. This weekend we hear again the story of Jesus raising to life, his friend, Lazarus. These accounts shows Jesus giving light and life to particular persons in the circumstances of their lives and invite us to see ourselves in them and to see God’s compassion at work in our lives.

As we reflect during this week, let’s see ourselves in Lazarus, the man from a town whose name, Bethany, means “House of Affliction.”  The Gospel writer, takes a friendship between Jesus and this family and an event that has the quality of reminiscence and shapes it for his theological purposes. Lazarus is the “one Jesus loves”. Lazarus represents all those whom Jesus loves, which includes you, me and all humankind.

As we move into the final weeks of Lent, may our reflection remind us that this is a story not just of Lazarus, but of our own experiences of coming to life out of death, in all the moments of our lives. May the God of life continue to unbind us from anything that is death-dealing in us and let us go more freely into life.

The following are offered for further reflection and prayer: