Forgive From the Heart

To be forgiven is surely one of life’s greatest gifts! To truly forgive another from the heart might be one of our biggest challenges in life!

Whatever the origins of the Gospel story from Matthew 18:21-35 for the 24th Sunday in Year A, there is an invitation within it to reflect on and give thanks for God’s boundless forgiveness of us and to review the call to forgive one another.

The following reflection on this text by Veronica Lawson RSM is offered to guide us in our prayer and review of life in the coming week:

Let us pray that others will come to know God’s forgiveness through the sharing of our lives in community. Let us also pray this week for the many communities in the world that are torn apart by violence, racism and other forms of injustice and for our planet damaged by our demands and abuses¬† – ‘Loving God, forgive us for our negligence and our indifference.”