Fourth Sunday of Easter – Whose Voice are You Tuned Into?

The Gospel for this weekend from John 10: 27 – 30 speaks powerfully about the familiarity and intimacy between Jesus and his disciples, expressed as recognizing and knowing another’s voice. The Gospel also speaks to the relationship between Jesus and God the Father. In the Gospel of John, Jesus identifies so closely with the Father that he tells us that they are one—not just close, but actually one. To know Jesus is to know the Father.

To know Jesus also calls us, his followers, to care for others – to hear the voice of Jesus in the cry of the poor, the homeless, the abandoned, the marginalized and in the cry of Mother Earth.

The following reflection prepared by Veronica Lawson RSM was first published at   It  is offered here as a resource for prayer and reflection in the coming week:

You are also invited to spend time listening to the following song, Shepherd Me O God, by Marty Haugen.