‘Fratelli Tutti’ – Pope’s Latest Encyclical

Brigidine Sisters welcome the release of Pope Francis’ latest Social Encyclical: ‘Fratelli Tutti’ . This document focuses on fraternity and social friendship as the ways to build a better, more just and peaceful world – with the contribution of all people and institutions. This is Francis’ third encyclical.

Even though the encyclical opens with the two Italian words, “Fratelli Tutti’ – words from St Francis of Assisi, the Pope clarifies that the saint was speaking to both “his brothers and sisters.” He also states that he intends this encyclical to be “an invitation to dialogue among all people of good will.”

Among other things the encyclical brings an emphatic ‘no’ to war, the death penalty and to globalized indifference.

Francis ends the encyclical with two prayers: one addressed to “the Creator,” which could be shared by those of various religions; and one entitled “an ecumenical Christian prayer.”


(At the conclusion of this is a link to read or download the encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’.)