Continue Praying & Working to Eliminate Trafficking

The resilience and courage of young women who have been trafficked is truly amazing! Thankfully through the work of Talitha Kum some of their stories can be heard and the new beginnings that eventually come in their lives can be celebrated.

The following account of the experience of one such young woman trafficked from Nigeria after the death of her father calls us all to continue to fight for justice for trafficked people today and to support those working to bring about this justice.

We join with people around Ireland, Britain, Vietnam and else where in praying for the thirty-nine women and men who were found dead in the back of a lorry in Essex in the past few days and their grieving families.

In the Catholic parish of Grays, near where the tragedy was discovered the parish priest Canon Brian O’Shea said: “We have bidding prayers on Sunday. The Easter Candle will be lit at all Masses.”

A special prayer is to be said at all Masses, remembering the dead: “Our Easter Candle, depicting the Risen Jesus, burns in our church today as we remember the 39 people found dead in the container lorry in Grays on Wednesday. May they – made in God’s image and likeness, rest in the love and mercy of God. We remember their distant loved ones. We pray for the emergency services in their difficult and sensitive work.”

Bishop Paul McAleenan, a Westminster auxiliary and lead bishop for migration and asylum, said: “We are praying for the thirty-nine women and men who died, for their families, and for all those across the world who have lost their lives while trying to reach a better future. This tragedy underscores the urgent need to redouble our efforts in establishing safe passages and combatting criminals who exploit desperate people.”

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