Good News from San Antonio

In August, 1953 six pioneer Brigidine Sisters from the Irish-United Kingdom Province set out from the port of Cobh in Co. Cork on the ship the Mauritania bound for San Antonio, Texas. They responded to the request of the bishop at that time, Archbishop Robert Lucey. The Northwest area of the city of San Antonio was growing rapidly. There was a great need for sisters to staff the new schools being built in each new developing parish.

More recently the Brigidines in Texas, while continuing in the ministry of education, have also moved into a variety of other pastoral settings and ministries. San Antonio is now an expansive city with a population of 1.5 million and where 19 percent of residents live at or below the poverty line. The city is about 63 percent Hispanic and thus is the largest majority-Hispanic city in America.

Brigidine Sisters, their associates and their partners in ministry in San Antonio and around the world continue to recognise a call “to  extend and deepen our partnerships in a spirit of mutual respect and service fostering a sense of dignity and opportunity for all according to evolving needs.” (2016 Congregational Forum).

A recent initiative in San Antonio bringing together leaders from different faith communities, including Catholic Bishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, offers hope to all working to support people, particularly those in need of affordable housing. Part of the vision of this particular interfaith partnership in San Antonio is to move toward action rather than focussing more on dialogue. Brigidine Sisters continue to support initiatives such as this by their ongoing advocacy, networking and prayer.

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