Homeless Project Windsor UK

In the Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, one of the richest in the UK, many have fallen foul of the ‘cuts’ by the present government; the aftermath of the pandemic; the removal of £20 a week from Universal Credit for those on the margins among other factors like rising prices for food and fuel.

The Homeless Project in Windsor has three arms:

More than and Shelter (providing hot dinner and ‘takeaways’ as well as helping to obtain services for the homeless.

Foodshare (proving food for those in need – those who avail of this can also include people who have jobs)

Street Angels (Friday and Saturday night ‘angels’ on the streets looking out for vulnerable people who are homeless, or succumb to substance abuse)

Brigidine Sister Patricia Mulhall csb volunteers with the Windsor Homeless Project, serving hot dinners on Wednesdays.

To learn more about this important work go to the following:

News of the Homeless Project Windsor