International Day of Education – Learning for lasting Peace

The United Nations’ International Day of Education is on 24th January. 


The Day was created to shine a light on education as a fundamental human right.


As well as a right, Education also brings empowerment to individuals – and ultimately to communities and society.


The day is important for promoting legislation that offers equitable education access to all.


This year’s theme  is  Learning for lasting Peace, highlighting the role of education in laying the foundation for more peaceful, just and sustainable societies.


Daniel Delany’s education legacy and the symbolism of St Brigid’s Lamp of Learning have been enshrined in the fabric of Brigidine life and ministry for 200+ years.


Today Brigidines, in partnership with others, maintain a commitment to the promotion and support of educational and awareness raising opportunities that empower young people to see and act for justice and peace.




As the people of Kildare Town, Ireland prepare to celebrate Brigid 1500 and Pause for Peace, we acknowledge the many Kildare Town students participating as  ambassadors for Peace.  Pause for Peace

As the 2024 school year begins in Australia, we pray for all involved in the work of Kildare Ministries.  Preparations are underway to celebrate KM’s 10 year anniversary and the 2024 Conference: Crossing New Seas.
We acknowledge  with gratitude an Education Legacy.  Crossing New Seas




“(we) are pathfinders who venture into the untrodden. We are not settlers but pilgrims, not guardians of the status quo but explorers of what is possible.” 
(Bishop Vincent Long, Congregational Forum, 2022)